Amber Erin

Driven by a passion for gemstones and a desire to create elegant yet ready-to-wear jewelry for any occasion, California native Amber Erin's unique designs are inspired by the stones she carefully curates from around the world. SUTTON showcases an exquisitely crafted mix of gemstones, 14 karat and 18 karat gold fine jewelry.

Amedeo Scognamiglio

Amedeo Scognamiglio has modernized Cameos, making them glamorous and trendy, appealing to the die-hard fashionistas from Paris, NYC, London and Moscow. Amedeo’s design philosophy aims at an extremely contemporary approach to the ancient art of cameo making, through alternative materials, unexpected ideas and smile-triggering designs.

Bonne Et Filou

Bonne et Filou sells luxury dog macarons, inspired by the French Royalty. Our artisanal macarons are not only stylish and delicious, but also handmadewith 100% natural, human-grade, premium local ingredients from the U.S. Strong differentiation in the pet food industry: only luxury and French brand
with a unique handmade treat line, finest ingredients, endorsed by vets, etc.

Perrin Paris

Founded in 1893 in Saint Junien, France, Perrin Paris has extended their expertise into a cohesive collection of luxury leather handbags and accessories, committed to combining the finest quality skins with highly conceptual design. SUTTON features glove and corset clutches fabricated in leather and stingray with sculptural acrylic and metal details in the most sought after colors.

Paul Pearman

Paul has ventured in the art world from award winning large-scale architectural installations to transforming artistic expression to functional and fashionable – fine art you can wear.  Hand forged welding techniques, custom lapidary gemstones, a fashion accessory designed to invoke the reaction – where did you ever find that...  Fashionista collectors love the limited, signed, numbered, and built by hand pieces – be prepared to be stopped by strangers when rockin this artwork.

Roberto Faraone Mennella

Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio draw inspiration for their acclaimed jewelry collections from the classical Italian heritage. Each creation is projected to the future, involuntarily new trends while embracing eternal classical beauty. Expanding from the "classic" jewels to everyday wear to the most exceptional one of a kind "Couture" pieces.

Suzanne Wilson

Suzanne Wilson's timeless jewelry collections have generated a distinct sparkle in the eyes of people who love jewelry for its artistic sensitivity and personal expression. Suzanne's artistry defines the pulse of a woman's grace, power, and sensuality. The jewelry imparts both an inner and outer beauty to those who continue to wear her designs.