The bungalow is a reflection of Sutton herself: cosmopolitan, well-traveled, and worldly, but most importantly, a genuine portrait of her personal style and love of fashion and the arts. Designed by Brittany Cason Interior Design and realized in partnership by Garry Morris, the space is a nod to the Regency Modern period with hints of Art Deco sprinkled throughout. Bold and statement elements of contrasting black and white, gold metal accents, sculptural furnishings, and a mix of textures complete the palette. The team at Brittany Cason Interior Design worked many long hours in not only the interior design for the store but the installation, coordination, and realization of completion in time for SUTTON'S grand opening.

SUTTON features a custom Cherokee Rose pattern fabric and wall coverings by Mimi Couture in black and white as a subtle reference to her Southern roots while exuding a timeless opulence. Gold metallic accents are carried in the space through furnishings, such as a show-stopping gold leaf quartz console table and lighting. These are perfectly complemented by blush velvet fabrics adorning windows, private dressing rooms, and vintage furniture pieces, for a luxurious and elegant look and feel. An open space feels more like Sutton's chic pied-a-terre with a furnished dining area and a fireplace juxtaposed to the pocket kitchenette.